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How it is done in the rest of the world ... they have been doing this for a LONG time!

The ISPCC encourages schools, business, and clubs to get involved and have created a poster for them to download directly from their website.

UNICEF Australia has been working with the Commonwealth Bank since 2009!

The Post Office collects foreign currency at 750 locations across the UK for Barnado's Children's Charity.

This is how it works in North America ... so far!

Engineers Without Borders is using social media to spread the word!

The Alzheimer's Society makes it easy by allowing donations to be dropped off at their offices in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Animal protection groups are also collecting foreign currency for funding.

Air Transat has supported the Canadian Children's Wish Foundation and SOS Children's Villages Canada since 2004 and has donated over $5 Million!

Continental Currency Exchange (18 locations) and Currency Converters of Waterloo collect for the March of Dimes Canada.

Established in 1987, the program is one of UNICEF's best-known and longest-running partnerships and has generated over US $120 Million!

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Air Canada collects small change on its flights and in containers in certain Canadian airports and most of their Maple Leaf Lounges.

​Got leftover vacation money?  Why not donate it to you favourite charity? Every little bit makes a difference!

UNICEF Australia is also supported by generous donations made at Travel Money OZ and their clients.

Don't take our word for it ... see what the rest of the world is doing!

Lord Venkateswara temple to exchange 35,000kg of foreign coins for Indian currency!

UNICEF Hong Kong collects through Cathy Pacific as well as allowing donations to be sent to their office directly.

UNICEF's Change For Good program is the longest running, farthest reaching foreign currency program anywhere!

The Leader in Mixed Currency Fundraising

Canada is 37 Times the size of New Zealand and 7 times the population ... one charity there managed to collect 20 tons of foreign coin which they are estimating has a value of close to $500,000.00 ($473,000 CAD)!!!
If they can do that, what can YOUR charity do???

Not only does American Airlines collect leftover foreign currency for UNICEF USA, but you can mail any forgotten currency directly to UNICEF!