Donate your leftover Foreign Currency

Globe filled with foreign and Canadian currency for charity
big potential

This globe is full of donated foreign and Canadian currency. When emptied by GCS it weighed 170 kg and was valued over $12,000.00!

How does it work?

GCS provide charities with a new, unique, and fun way to raise money. You are the fundraising experts, while we specialize in everything from logistics to sorting & counting currency to repatriation and international freight. 

Foreign currency can be collected using coin boxes, employee drives, and just about any other method you can think of. We arrange for the currency to be transported to our facility where it is sorted with the value returned back to you at no cost! You’ll never receive an invoice from us.

We handle the logistics
there are many ways to collect

Not Just Charities

Many businesses partner with GCS to take advantage of our unique services.


Businesses & Transit

We partner with organizations that handle large quantities of cash such as banks, armored car companies, transit organizations, and retail. Foreign currency has no value sitting where it is, collecting dust.

Working with GCS will allow you to realize the lost value of foreign currency. We also do this at no cost, so it is a win-win – you get rid of the foreign currency that is taking up space AND you get paid for it!


Airlines & Airports

GCS currently supports in-flight collection initiatives from 4 different airlines in North America. We have the ability and knowledge to get an airline program “off the ground” and make it successful.

A foreign currency program gives airports the opportunity to collect leftover travel money that passengers are willing to donate in support of their charitable initiatives.

Raise more funds

Why Is Foreign Currency effective?

Most charities accept donations in cash; why not accept all currencies? A small shift in perspective can lead to big increases in fundraising dollars.

In some parts of the world, entire charities have been built around collecting foreign and/or old currency. If a charity can be supported by that alone, imagine what sort of a boost your charity would get adding foreign currency fundraising to your existing programs!

No Cost

All of our fees are taken out of the foreign currency we process.
There is no start up fee, no monthly charges; the program covers all of our costs!

Realize Value

Companies that use cash will be able to realize the value in foreign currency that’s otherwise useless.

Big Potential

There is $2-3 Billion worth of leftover foreign currency in Canada. Imagine what you could do with a fraction of that!

Eco Friendly

Every coin recycled is one that doesn't have to be produced or put in landfills, which helps preserve the environment.

Success Stories

Better Together As ONE

Better Together As ONE (Movement)

GCS is proud to have partnered with Better Together As ONE to create fundraising activities that help charities and local small businesses across Ontario.


UNICEF USA - Change For Good

UNICEF USA has partnered with GCS in support of their Change for Good program, helping to improve the lives of children around the world.

Durham Children's Aid Foundation

durham Children's Aid Foundation

Durham Children's Aid Foundation and GCS have come together to improve the lives of children and youth via the Currency For Kids program.

We have a globe here. When our customers walk in feel free to put in whatever you can to donate. We'll convert it and help feed people in Georgetown.

Pat Commisso (Pat's Prime Cuts & Deli)

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We arrange for the coin to be be picked up and shipped to our facilities, we sort it (you don’t need to do that), repatriate what we can, and take a small percentage to cover our fees. The vast majority goes back to the charities and businesses we support.
It’s free to start a foreign currency collection program. There is no start up fee and no monthly costs.  You collect and we’ll take over from there.
We don’t succeed unless you do.

It’s estimated that there is approximately $57-$86 worth of foreign currency per person (that’s $2-3 Billion worth in Canada alone). Foreign currency fundraising is not well known in North America. Because of this, any charity that utilizes it will be able to fundraise significant funds. There is a huge opportunity waiting for people to take advantage!

Foreign currency fundraising has not made its way to North America yet. This is good for you because it means there’s lots of latent potential.
In the U.K., virtually every charity has a foreign currency component to their fundraising effort.  In Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, collecting leftover foreign currency for charity is very common.

If it is or was money, it has value. Sometimes you may collect coins or banknotes which are outmoded or otherwise unable to be repatriated. In these situations, GCS will process the collected currency and pay for it in bulk; by the kg/lb for coins and by the piece for banknotes.
This way, all currency has value to our clients.

No.  We are not a currency exchange and therefore, we cannot buy or sell currency.  But, if you would like to donate it to a charity, we can definitely help you with that!

foreign currency

we Want to work with you!

Give us a call or shoot us an email. GCS has worked with many charities like yours and has achieved fundraising success.