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Now, take this idea a step (or three) further and add a mixed / foreign currency collection to your current campaigns.

Are you hosting a gala event?  Encourage your invited guests to bring their leftover vacation money, ask them to collect from their family, friends, and neighbours.  Don't stop at a bake sale or put up a lemonade stand, ask for foreign currency donations too.

Challenge your corporate sponsors to collect foreign currency before the event.  Hold a fundraising drive in the office a couple of weeks before the event.

This concept worked in 2012 when the penny drive was all the rage and it works today for food drives.  Make this work for you.  Any charity can do it.  Anyone who wants to raise money for a good cause can do it (payments would need to go directly to the charity).

Are you looking for a new and easy fundraising concept?

You've most likely heard of or seen coin boxes, but why stop there?

If you have a coin box program, open it up to all currencies.  While there may be no value in foreign coins here, they do have value and Global Coin Solutions can help you realize that value.

Your collections don't have to be in fancy containers either.  Just about anything will do.  It is way more important to start your collecting than to worry about what it looks like.

Water cooler jugs are great for the office (and can hold a LOT of $$$).

This globe had 169.9 kg of mixed currency in it before it was emptied at a total value of approximately $12,000.00 CAD.

Globes can be made available for use at your local events and Global Coin Solutions can handle all of the logistics for you.

We'll even pick up funds raised by your corporate sponsors if needed.

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