Virtually everyone is familiar with the concept of a penny drive.

  • You promote your campaign
  • Engage donors
  • Get small local small businesses involved, put out jars or containers
  • Invite schools and churches to participate

​And watch the pennies start rolling in ...

Here are some links for those who want to see just how successful penny drives were in their time.

But what happens if you have a successful penny drive?

The obvious answer is that you raise a lot of money for your cause.

But did you every think about the effort involved in dealing with a lot of pennies?

Did you know:  $25,000.00 in pennies is 2.5 MILLION pennies?  That's 50,000 ROLLS!!!

Did you also know:  $25K in pennies weighs 6,562.5 kg or 14,500 lbs or 7.25 TONS

Think about that ... everyone would be happy to raise $25,000.00!
​But how do you deal with it if you do???

Instead, why not open your focus and collect ANY currency?  Your return could easily top 5x as much as the $3.80/kg that pennies generate.

With over $700 MILLION in foreign currency in Canada and over $2 BILLION in the US, why not raise some "real" money by holding a foreign currency drive?

Penny Drives are so ... yesterday!!!

Global Coin Solutions Penny Drive

Free the Children (now WE charity) / RBC Penny Drive efforts

The March of Dimes Canada started collecting dimes in 1949 with the goal of finding a cure and eradicating polio.  They have expanded their fundraising efforts and include not only pennies. but also any currency.

Don't just take our word for it, see what the experts are saying as far away as South Africa!

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