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unique fundraising ideas

foreign coin repatriation

Various organizations around the world end up with foreign coins, through no fault or design of their own.
Transit, Theme Parks/Entertainment, Cash-in-Transit (armored car service), Cash Handling services, etc. are all such groups that are likely candidates for our services.

CAD / USD COIN repatriation

Companies throughout North America often find themselves with either Canadian or America coins they can't bank or realize the value of.

GCS is here to help with a repatriation service that will allow such companies to realize that value.

Give us a call.  We can arrange everything for you.  All you have to do is package it and we'll take care of the rest.
Making Something from Nothing
At Global Coin Solutions, our goal is to help you turn something that has no value into something that can be used to make a difference.
By collecting mixed (foreign) currencies, charities are no longer competing for money that can be used for basic necessities.


Foreign currency collection has been around for decades in many other parts of the world.  In fact, Millions of dollars worth of collections have been done in places like England, countries throughout Europe, and Australia.

Canada and the United States are just starting to work this opportunity, beginning with a small number of airlines, a few airports, and a multi-national coffee chain.

Add your charity to the growing list of organizations capitalizing on this virtually untapped opportunity.


A unique method of fundraising that is just starting to take off in North America.

Those charities that start collecting early will benefit the most.

HElping charities help others

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