Changing the world, one cent at a time!

Global Coin Solutions is the only full service company in North America that
focuses on helping charities fundraise by collecting leftover foreign currency.
Our initiatives were created to bring maximum benefit to charities because that’s what we believe in.

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Global Coin Solutions
is Here To Help You

Global Coin Solutions processes foreign currency with a focus on fundraising. We are the only company in North America that does this. GCS was created with 2 principles in mind; helping charities and putting people to work. 

We partner with charities and businesses like yours to create programs that succeed. You have the fundraising expertise and we know a thing or two about mixed currency sorting and repatriation. Leftover currency has huge potential that GCS can help you use to your advantage!

Raising money for charity
Putting People to work
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We Believe In Win-win

Our success depends on yours. GCS pulls out all the stops to make your fundraising efforts a success.

Foreign currency fundraising
$12 Billion Dollars

This is the value of all foreign currency in Canada and the U.S. Imagine if you could tap into just 1% of that!

The Leader in Foreign Currency & Digital Fundraising

Imagine what good a charity like yours can do with $100,000.00. How about $500,000.00? It’s estimated that each Canadian has about $57 of foreign currency; the fundraising potential for charities is huge!

Our scan to donate program makes it easier than ever to raise money. Whether you want to enhance your coin box program or launch a new digital fundraising campaign, a “scan to donate” QR code can help. Unlike other digital fundraising options, it comes with no sign up cost and no monthly charges.


Two Sides To What We Do

Both of our initiatives were created to give you maximum value at no cost to your charity / business

foreign coins

Foreign Currency

The potential for fundraising dollars is why so many charities work with GCS.

QR code fundraising

Digital Fundraising

Scan to Donate will change the way you do online donations forever.

Why Partner With
Global Coin Solutions?

We've got the expertise

From helping set up a collection program to logistics to currency sorting and repatriation, GCS has the expertise.

Customized Program

We're committed to helping you create the best program for you and your partners.

Win-Win Partnership

GCS believes in mutual success. We don’t benefit unless you do.

One of A Kind

Another company like this simply does not exist in North America.

great Track Record

We've helped charities and businesses similar to yours achieve success.

Our Partners

We work with a variety of organizations who take advantage of our knowledge and expertise for fundraising success! 

Currency for Kids is an innovative and unique method of raising much needed funds for children, youth and their families who live in vulnerable situations.

This program would never have become a reality without the support and encouragement of Global Coin Solutions.

GCS is an incredible corporate partner who truly works with charitable organizations to assist with the development and growth of low investment and high yield fund raising programs.

Dennis Ullman
Durham Children’s Aid Foundation
Dennis Ullman
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Global Coin Solutions is the only company of its kind in North America. Learn about our values and how we can help YOU!