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We are the only company in North America that processes foreign currency with a focus on fundraising.

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Global Coin Solutions, helping you make a difference.

Global Coin Solutions can help your charity create a cash collection program focusing on the donations of leftover foreign currency.  We are the only company in North America that does this.

We partner with charities like yours to create programs that succeed.  You have the fundraising experience and we know a thing or two about logistics and mixed currency sorting and repatriation.  Leftover foreign currency has a huge potential that Global Coin Solutions can help your charity unlock.

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What is foreign currency fundraising?

Foreign currency fundraising is the collection of leftover foreign currency by a charity or an organization wanting to fundraise to support a charity. Think of it like a penny drive, a toy drive, or even a food drive … you are asking people to donate something they have but are not carrying with them. Foreign currency fundraising is used by virtually every charity in the U.K. and many charities in Europe and Australia, as well as by dozens of international airlines and airports around the world.

In fact, there are 2 charities located in New Zealand and Ireland that are funded exclusively by the collection of leftover foreign currency. Currency for Kids is a local initiative supported by Global Coin Solutions that is funded by foreign currency.

How It Works

Is your charity looking for a new way to fundraise?

Learn how easy foreign currency fundraising can be.

Work With Experts

The Leader in Foreign Currency & Digital Fundraising.

Imagine what good a charity can do with an extra $100,000.00.  How about an extra $500,000.00?  It is estimated that each Canadian has between $57 and $86 worth of leftover foreign currency: the fundraising potential for charities is huge!

In addition, we offer a Scan to Donate program that makes it easier than ever to raise money.  Whether you want to enhance an existing program or launch a new digital fundraising program, a “Scan to Donate” QR code can help.  Unlike any other digital fundraising options, the Scan to Donate program comes with no sign up costs and no monthly charges.


We work with a variety of organizations who take advantage of our knowledge and expertise for fundraising success! 

Hear from organizations we’ve helped.

Calgary Transit had been accumulating foreign coin at their coin processing centre for roughly 10 years. As with most cash handling organizations, they don’t want to dispose of cash. Even though solutions for foreign coin aren’t readily available, the hope is that one day a solution will be found.

Over those 10+ years, Calgary Transit had accumulated approximately 1,300kgs (2,860lbs) of mixed foreign coin.

We worked directly with the Calgary Transit cash processing team, advising them on how to package the coin for shipment and making arrangements with Air Canada Cargo to move the packaged coin from Calgary, Alberta to our office in Toronto, Ontario … a journey of 2,700kms.

Once we received the shipment, we broke it into smaller batches for sorting and over the course of a few months, turned those “worthless” foreign coins into 1,000.00’s of dollars that Calgary Transit could recognize and offset their losses.

“You really made it very easy for us.”
Sarabjit Kaler
Team Leader, Cash Processing, The City of Calgary | Calgary Transit
“Currency for Kids is an innovative and unique method of raising much needed funds for children, youth and their families who live in vulnerable situations.   

This program would never have become a reality without the support and encouragement of Global Coin Solutions.   

Global Coin Solutions is an incredible corporate partner who truly works with charitable organizations to assist with the development and growth of low investment and high yield fund raising programs.”
Dennis Ullman
Executive Director, Durham Children’s Aid Foundation
Pocket Change is Japan’s largest value exchange kiosk service. With 100 locations around the country and a presence in every major airport, Pocket Change allows users to exchange foreign currency (cash and coins) for e-money, gift cards, and other forms of digital value.

As a result of these collections, the company accumulates hundreds of thousands of dollars across a variety of currencies.

Pocket Change first contacted GCS in 2020 to assist in the movement, processing, and deposit of USD and EUR coinage.

Since then, our relationship has grown substantially, with GCS and Scott’s team handling nearly all of our foreign currency needs – a number which spans 30+ currencies, across millions of dollars.

“Money, in all its forms, is a sensitive commodity. Finding reliable partners had historically been incredibly challenging for us. From day 1, GCS distinguished themselves from the competition as professional, transparent, and communicative – providing thorough references, consistent updates, and consummate professionalism throughout our shipments. Our partnership has allowed us to increase our liquidity through more efficient and frequent shipments.”
Kenta Matsui
Founder, Pocket Change Inc.

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