Message from the founder.

“I started Global Coin Solutions 8 years ago with 2 objectives in mind: to help as many charities as possible and to put people to work. The more charities we help, the more money is raised to support them, and the more people it takes to sort and handle the mixed foreign currency.

I have expanded this vision to include the employment of people with Autism as they bring abilities others don’t have. Further, Global Coin Solutions recently became a Certified Living Wage Employer. Both of these are extremely important to me personally and professionally; being an inclusive employer who pays well makes sense from so many different perspectives.”

Scott’s passion to help charities raise funds has driven him to push the envelope with leftover foreign currency fundraising. While this type of collection is natural for airlines and airports (and something that virtually every charity in the U.K. does), it is something completely new for charities in Canada and the US.

Core Values

Helping charities raise money.

From the very start, our number one focus has been to work with charities and help raise much needed funds. Over 90% of the foreign currency we process has been for charities and their initiatives. In 8 years of business, Global Coin Solutions has helped raise funds for children’s charities & hospitals, homeless shelters, food banks, people with disabilities, cancer programs, and more.

We have worked with charities in Canada, the United States, and around the world.

Key Principals

Putting people to work.

Sorting foreign currency is a manual job; there is no way to outsource it to machines (and we don’t want to).  People have the capacity to recognize differences between coins and notes (and every currency is different).  When you add into the mix old currency that has been replaced by newer coins and notes, the complexity of sorting mixed currency becomes immense.  But the human brain is able to handle this and with time and training, our staff become the best in the world at sorting mixed currency.

Our vision is straightforward: the more charities we work with, the more money can be raised, and the more people we will employ. It’s a positive domino effect.

Prior to the pandemic, we employed 10 people at our facility in Toronto and remotely in Montreal. Global Coin Solutions is proud to employ people in our community. We are an inclusive employer, hiring those with Autism for their unique abilities, as well as a certified Living Wage Employer in Ontario.

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Global Coin Solutions in the news.

2022 Coin Conference

Scott was invited to speak to 160 delegates from central banks, mints, academics and industry suppliers around the world. The Coin Conference is the only event to focus on circulating coins as part of cash strategies and, with three years having elapsed since the last event (in Rome in 2019), there was plenty to talk about. Sustainability and re-circulation were discussed in almost every presentation.

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2019 Coin Conference

Scott was invited to speak to 185 delegates from 103 organizations and 45 countries about recycling currency in foreign countries for charity.

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