Perspective from over 30 years of experience successfully raising funds for charity.

Often people think that Charities and non-profit organizations are always after the private sector to donate and support their mission.  Yes, there is some truth to this as the charitable sector scrambles for support.  Charities are challenged as government support decreases and the availability of financial donations from discretionary income become less and less frequent.  With many people struggling, there is more pressure on charities to provide support (i.e., Food Banks) and less donations are being realized as people cope with increased interest rates, food prices, costs of housing, etc.   

There is a way for businesses and corporations to support charities and non-profits without breaking the bank on their marketing and sponsorship budget.  As we initiate and develop healthy relationships between charity and the private sector, let’s consider an innovative method of generating funds.  These relationships can begin as a simple campaign.  Perhaps a Foreign Currency Collection program would be a good opportunity to “test the waters”, and see if there is genuine alignment between charity and business.

One-way charities can encourage the private sector to support charities is through the development of Employee Engagement opportunities.  Just like penny drives, or the donations of a Loonie for “Dress Down Fridays”.  How about engaging and challenging employees to donate their leftover Foreign Currency?  Currency is often left over from personal or business travels.  Do you know people who often travel for pleasure or business?  Ask them – what do you plan to do with your leftover currency? 

Along with boosting employee morale and assistance with team building, the collection of Leftover Foreign Currency can be a great time to discuss people’s culture, past travels, family heritage, etc.  Employee Engagement opportunities can promote and support recycling, preservation of the environment while providing an opportunity for charity and business to work together. 

Based on a conservative estimate that each Canadian has approximately $50.00 available in leftover Foreign Currency. This totals over $2 Billion being available in Canada today.  

For a moment, imagine if a staff of 2 – 5 employees each brought in their leftover Foreign Currency.  These donations would generate $100 – $250 for a charity.  This could buy diapers for a new born baby, living with a single parent.  How about if 10-15 employees hosted a campaign and raised over $750, this donation could help feed a small family who is relying on the local Food Bank for assistance.  Let’s consider a staff of 50 – 75 employees, all donating their leftover Foreign Currency… the results would help fund a scholarship to assist a student who lives in poverty and is wanting to obtain a post-secondary education.  For the larger corporations with 100+ staff, well over $5000 could result in a donation in support of a local charity that supports women who require shelter from an abusive situation. 

Once we realize the potential opportunity that donations of Leftover Foreign Currency have, we can help make our communities a better place for all.  It’s time to give Leftover Foreign Currency that is currently serving no purpose, a significant purpose – helping to assist those who need support.  Time to organize a Staff Campaign!

It’s time to let everyone know that donations of Foreign Currency can make a positive impact to charities in Canada. Global Coin Solutions has been receiving, repatriating and distributing donations to many charity partners.

DONATIONS of Foreign Currency can be directed to any charity of YOUR choice.  Think about the needs of the local Food Bank, Housing issues, Shelters, Children, the fight against Human Trafficking, Seniors, Youth and New-comers to Canada.  They could all use support. 

GIFTS of Foreign Currency will provide hope to people in our communities who are in desperate need of assistance.


“All Currency Is Accepted” regardless of the country of origin, denomination, amount or if it’s in or out of circulation.  Don’t delay…  encourage your place of business to organize a campaign to collect leftover Foreign Currency.  Make it a contest to see which department can raise the most funds.

If you are seeking a charity for your donation, or if your charity of choice is not aware of Foreign Currency Collection Programs, reach out to the team at Global Coin Solutions (GCS) and be ensured that your donation is processed and the funds are provided to assist the charity or non-profit of your choice.  Donations can be mailed directly to GCS for processing or drop them off at a foreign Currency Collection location

Visit the GCS website for more information

Submit donations today and start changing the world, one cent at a time.

For more information contact Dennis Ullman, Vice-President (Volunteer) – Innovation and Development, Global Coin Solutions at or visit Global Coin Solutions today. 

GCS is celebrating 9 years of supporting charities throughout North America.

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