Perspective from over 30 years of experience successfully raising funds for charity.

The weather is beginning to feel warmer and the sun is shining almost every day.  Be sure to take a walk outside and see that spring is showing signs of new growth.  For those who are not traveling as part of March Break, you may be looking forward to cleaning up around your home, garage, yard or business.  As you begin the process of purging and decluttering while completing your spring cleaning, be sure to set aside your leftover Foreign Currency.  For those who are wanting even warmer temperatures and have decided to travel during the break, be sure to save your leftover coins and bank notes from your trip. This Leftover currency can be donated to the charity of your choice after the Spring Break.

DID YOU KNOW? The average household has approximately $60 in Leftover Foreign Currency that is currently serving no real purpose.

People keep leftover foreign currency in the strangest places.  Watch these videos to help remind you where your leftover currency may be found.

YOUR DONATION of Leftover Foreign Currency will help those who are less fortunate in the community, who are struggling to make ends meet.  Reflect on the needs of people who rely on community-based Food Banks or those who are living in vulnerable situations and are in need of safe and secure Housing. Donations can be directed to any charity of YOUR choice.

YOUR GIFT of Leftover Foreign Currency, can provide the Gift of Hope for children, youth, seniors, families and newcomers to Canada.  Imagine how much assistance would be provided if all Canadians donated their leftover Foreign Currency.  Keeping in mind, there is over $2 Billion in available Foreign Currency and the flow of Foreign Currency continues to arrive in Canada every day.

NOW WHAT?  Begin by donating your Leftover Foreign Currency to the charity of your choice. This is a painless way to provide assistance and put your Leftover Foreign Currency to great use in the community.  It’s time to donate the currency you have stored away in a box, bag, vase 😊, desk drawer, suitcase, backpack, etc. 

Why are you hoarding your Leftover Foreign Currency?  

“All Currency Is Accepted” regardless of the country of origin, denomination, amount or if it’s in or out of circulation.  Don’t delay…  Start by donating and then spread the word and let your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours know that “donations of Leftover Foreign Currency can help others”. 

If you are seeking a charity for your donation, or if your charity of choice is not aware of Foreign Currency Collection Programs, reach out to the team at Global Coin Solutions (GCS) and we’ll ensure that your donation is processed and the funds are provided to assist the charity or non-profit of your choice.  Donations can be mailed directly to GCS for processing or drop them off at a foreign Currency Collection locationDid You Know?  There are no upfront costs for a charity to receive donations of Leftover Foreign Currency. 

Be sure to visit the GCS website for more information

After you move your clock ahead, no matter if you cleaned or traveled, by sure to submit your donation and start changing the world, one cent at a time. It’s time to Spring Forward, don’t waste anytime… submit your donation of Leftover Foreign Currency.

For more information contact Dennis Ullman, Vice-President (Volunteer) – Innovation and Development, Global Coin Solutions or visit Global Coin Solutions today. 

GCS is celebrating 9 years of supporting charities throughout North America.

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