Digital Fundraising

Flexible Online Donations

Why use QR codes to donate?

In Canada, many charities typically do digital fundraising via text-to-donate, via their website, or through an app. While these methods work, they aren’t the most optimal. There’s usually a start-up cost, a monthly fee, or an app behind it. Global Coin Solutions has a solution to these challenges.

Our innovative QR code “scan to donate” program takes you to a customized mobile website for your charity where it’s super easy for people to donate. Once activated, the QR code can be used anywhere and everywhere without any cost! Scan the QR code in the picture; make a donation today!

Scan To Donate

Is it flexible and cost effective?

This program is unlike anything else on the market. By taking advantage of it, your charity will be able to boost fundraising towards its great cause. While there are other forms of contactless fundraising, there really is no comparison.

Our program has no start up cost or monthly fees, requires no hardware that would cause downtime or replacements, no expensive hardware that needs charging or a data connection, does not require an app, and has the flexibility to accept donations in any amount. These QR codes can be easily added to your website, email or video at no cost.

Success Story

Durham Children’s Aid Foundation

“DCAF is pleased to have benefitted from a Scan To Donate Program, through the use of QR code(s), DCAF is able to extend opportunities for others to donate through the use of their phones, via QR Code on banners, posters, email, etc.

By working with GCS, DCAF is growing it’s network of donation options and enabling people to make a difference, while donating in support of children and youth. QR technology is easy to use, costs are minimal and the potential for growth is endless.”

-Dennis Ullman, Executive Director, Durham Children’s Aid Foundation

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We want to work with you!

Give us a call or shoot us an email. Global Coin Solutions has worked with many charities like yours and has achieved fundraising success.

Frequently Asked Questions

qr instructions

QR codes are a no-cost addition to your fundraising toolkit. They can be an engaging, app-free way to collect vital funds and connect with your donors anywhere at any time – even when fundraisers can’t be there in person.

Whether you use them online or in the physical world, your QR codes and mobile friendly landing pages create opportunities to engage new and existing donors wherever you put them. No matter the circumstance

It’s easy to see the benefits of QR codes in the physical world. But did you know that you can also use them to fundraise online? You can use QR codes in email signatures, email campaigns, websites, social media and more.

Absolutely! We can create custom backgrounds for your entire team to use.  We can even create them for your supporters … the more people using them, the more donations you will get!

Click to see an example 

They can be used literally anywhere!  On your coin boxes, on tent cards, banners, signs, wall murals.  They can be added to tags on stuffed animals, they can be printed on the side of a box or a can.  Print them on t-shirts, aprons, buttons, or stickers. 

And of course, they can be placed on email signatures, on websites, and in social media.They also come with a unique url, so the QR code can also be clickable.