Perspective from over 30 years of fund-raising experience

The busyness of the season is probably hitting a climax at this time.  Shopping almost done, food purchased, a few days off and the schedule for the next 10 or so days is in place.  As various traditions are being celebrated during this season, many people will be traveling to visit family and friends.  Others may be traveling to simply enjoy a vacation and a time of relaxation.  Perhaps a trip to a warmer climate in a foreign country.  This is the season of celebration and reflection for many people and their families.

Along with traveling, other people may simply be staying home and after the gifts are distributed comes the chore or task of cleaning up. Many people see Boxing Day – after the heading out for the sales – as a time to perhaps do some reorganizing, decluttering and a time to make room for the gifts received.  As part of the cleaning or purging process or in the aftermath of travelling, there inevitability will be some leftover foreign currency.

Did you know? In Canada, there is currently over $2 Billion in Foreign Currency available.  This currency, both coins and bank notes are stored in homes and offices with no real purpose or value. Where do you keep your foreign currency?  Do you have any plans to use this currency in the future?

It was in the past very difficult to “cash in” or exchange leftover foreign currency, especially the coins.  Banks and currency exchanges will generally not accept all currency from other countries.  Only certain types and denominations of bank notes are usually accepted.  Now, there is an easy and rewarding way to donate your leftover foreign currency.  It’s true, your donation can be dropped off or mailed in, and in turn you would be assisting a family, child, youth or senior – someone who is in need of extra assistance at this time.  We don’t need to look too far to hear of or read about the desperate situation many of the people in our communities are now facing.

When your donation is repatriated and converted to currency you can make a significant impact by assisting others in need.  Donate your leftover foreign currency today.

If you are seeking a charity to receive your donation, or if your charity of choice is not aware of Foreign Currency Collection Programs, please reach out our team at Global Coin Solutions (GCS) and we’ll ensure that your donation of any amount is processed and the funds are provided to assist a charity and non-profit of your choice.  Please visit the GCS website for more information

It’s very clear, there are many people who will require your support and assistance during this season. It’s time to gather your leftover foreign currency and complete a donation.

Imagine for a moment, the social impactfrom over $2 Billion in donations.  Millions of Canadians would be assisted through donations of leftover foreign currency.

Charities can begin benefitting from foreign currency donations… TODAY.  The biggest hurdle facing the collection of Foreign Currency is that people are simply unaware that leftover Foreign Currency can be put to great use in their community.  You can help start a Foreign Currency collection program by letting others know of the potential.  You could start a campaign with your Service Club, fellow employees, family members, friends, neighbors, sports team, etc.  Let people know that Foreign Currency Donations can assist local charities and help make our communities a better place to live for all.

Over the holiday season as you meet with family, friends, colleagues and new acquaintances… a great conversation topic could be:  Did you know that leftover foreign currency can be used to make our communities a better place to live, survive and thrive for those who are less fortunate at this time?

Please accept my personal best wishes on behalf of the team at Global Coin Solutions, wishing you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2024.  Help to make 2024 the year that everyone knows about the potential value and impact of donations of leftover foreign currency.

Don’t wait?  Now is the time to start changing the world, one cent at a time.

For more information contact Dennis Ullman, Vice-President – Innovation and Development, Global Coin Solutions at or visit Global Coin Solutions today.

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