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Our last blog focused on: What is your plan regarding the use of leftover Foreign Currency?  Were you able to provide an answer?  Are you ready to share the love?

We are now in the month of “Love” and as we celebrate Valentines Day and Family Day, let us think about other great things. February is the month we reflect on Black History, the challenges and successes that have been experienced by our neighbours and friends.  We may be thinking about touchdown passes and parties as we cheer on our football favourite team.  The Superbowl, an event that see’s tens of thousands of people travelling to the game or spending time with family and friends. Invite people to your Superbowl party and encourage them to bring their foreign currency.  

In football we think of touchdowns, but when travelling we also hope for a safe touchdown. We could say that “Love is in the Air”.  Love being the Foreign Currency you will donate after your flight to another country.  As we “touchdown” be sure to gather and donate your leftover Foreign Currency.  It is important that leftover Foreign Currency lands in the right hands and is put toward a useful purpose.  YOUR donation of Foreign Currency will help those who are less fortunate in the community…

Think about Food Banks – who have been faced with exponential growth in the demand for their support. The need for assistance has increased by over 100% in most communities.  Double income families are now forced to visit Food Banks, just so they can feed their children.  Rising food prices and interest rates are leaving people in vulnerable situations. Your gift of Foreign Currency, can provide the gift of Love and Hope to children, youth, seniors, families and newcomers to Canada.

People often take Housing and basic shelter for granted. Not now… many families are losing their homes due to incredible increases in mortgage or rental payments.  Homeless people are finding it more and more difficult to find a warm place to sleep at night. Imagine how much assistance would be provided if all Canadians donated their leftover Foreign Currency. 

Now What?  By donating your leftover Foreign Currency to the charity of your choice, you will make a positive difference.  This is a painless way to provide assistance and put your leftover currency to great use in the community.  Think about it… if you don’t donate the currency, you have stored away in a box, bag, vase 😊, desk drawer, etc.  what will you do with it? 

You are not alone. Canadians are currently hoarding over $2 Billion in Foreign Currency and the flow of Foreign Currency coming into Canada continues every day. That is a lot of money that has no real purpose or use at this time.  This money includes bank notes, coins, Canadian Tire currency, etc.  Even currencies that are now out of circulation can still be donated and proceeds will assist local charities.

“All Currency Is Accepted” regardless of the country of origin, denomination, amount or age.  Don’t delay…  Start by donating your own personal leftover currency and then spread the word and let your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours know that “donations of Foreign Currency can help others”. 

Did You Know?  There are no upfront costs for a charity to receive donations of Foreign Currency.  It is so easy to donate leftover Foreign Currency. Donations can be dropped off or mailed to help support your community. It’s time to make a positive difference through your donation of leftover Foreign Currency. Think you have a meaningful plan now for your leftover Foreign Currency.

If you are seeking a charity to receive a donation, or if your charity of choice is not aware of Foreign Currency Collection Programs, reach out to the team at Global Coin Solutions (GCS) and we’ll ensure that your donation is processed and the funds are provided to assist the charity or non-profit of your choice. 

Please visit the GCS website for more information .  Donations can be mailed directly to GCS for processing on behalf of your designated charity.

Please don’t wait!  Let’s truly celebrate the month of LOVE and start changing the world, one cent at a time.

For more information contact Dennis Ullman, Vice-President (Volunteer) – Innovation and Development, Global Coin Solutions or visit Global Coin Solutions today. 

GCS is celebrating their 9th Anniversary on February 10th, 9 years of supporting charities throughout North America.

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