Perspective from over 30 years of experience successfully raising funds for charity.

The weather is always a great topic of discussion. We had a season of holiday celebrations, the Solar Eclipse, Earth Day, some incredible almost summer-like temperatures and of course now the April Showers.  As we look to the future at this time of year, we think of new-life, re-birth and the start of a brighter season. 

Perhaps, you are stuck “in a pickle” over what to do with your leftover Foreign Currency?  Watch this video to help with a solution and to remind you where your leftover currency may be found.

Maybe you are finishing up the spring cleaning, clearing out the garden shed or garage, putting out the garden furniture or in the midst of down sizing or a move to a new home or job.  And guess what you found?  Yes, you found a container of leftover Foreign Currency from previous travels.  No matter the amount or denomination, you can repurpose the currency.  Give your Leftover Foreign Currency a New Life by donating to the charity of your choice. 

Global Coin Solutions has been receiving, repatriating and distributing donations for over 9 years to over 30 different charity partners. It’s time to spread the word and let everyone know that donations of Foreign Currency can make a positive impact to charities in Canada.

DID YOU KNOW? The average Canadian household has approximately $60 in leftover Foreign Currency that is currently serving no real purpose. There is over $2 Billion in leftover Foreign Currency currently available in Canadian homes and businesses. 

We want to ensure that in honour of Earth Day, that leftover foreign currency (coins and bank notes) do not end up in the local landfill.  Help to recycle the currency through your donation.  Please note that all donations of Foreign Currency are repatriated back to their country of origin, saving countries from having to produce additional coins and notes. 

YOUR DONATION of Foreign Currency can be directed to any charity of YOUR choice.  Think about the needs of the local Food Bank, Housing issues, Shelters, Children, the fight against Human Trafficking, Seniors, Youth and New-comers to Canada.  They could all use your support. 

During these times of higher food costs, recently inflated mortgages and a cost-of-living crisis, we know that disposable income is not as readily available.  We are not asking you to share a portion of your income.  We are letting you know that the leftover Foreign Currency that is currently without purpose or usefulness, can be given a new beginning through your thoughtful donation.

YOUR GIFT of Foreign Currency will provide hope to people in our communities who are in desperate need of assistance. Imagine how much support would be provided if all Canadians donated their leftover Foreign Currency.  $2 Billion in additional support.  Millions of Canadians would benefit if we simply de-hoarded the currency we have stored in boxes, bags, cupboards, desk drawers, tea cups, suit cases, vases, etc.  The flow of foreign currency continues to arrive in Canada each and every day.


“All Currency Is Accepted” regardless of the country of origin, denomination, amount or if it’s in or out of circulation.  Don’t delay…  Start by donating and then spread the word and let your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours know that “donations of Foreign Currency can help others”. 

If you are seeking a charity for your donation, or if your charity of choice is not aware of Foreign Currency Collection Programs, reach out to the team at Global Coin Solutions (GCS) and be ensured that your donation is processed and the funds are provided to assist the charity or non-profit of your choice.  Donations can be mailed directly to GCS for processing or drop them off at a foreign Currency Collection location

Did You Know?  There are no upfront costs for a charity to receive donations of Foreign Currency and this would be a new revenue stream for their fund-raising program?

Be sure to visit the GCS website for more information

Submit your donation today and start changing the world, one cent at a time.

For more information contact Dennis Ullman, Vice-President (Volunteer) – Innovation and Development, Global Coin Solutions at or visit Global Coin Solutions today. 

GCS is celebrating 9 years of supporting charities throughout North America.

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